Band List

As members of the American Racing Pigeon Union, our birds are banded with AU issued bands.

Our band list for the last 12 years.

YearBand LettersNumbersColor
2008AU 2008 LAVACA301 thru 400Green
2007AU 2007 LAVACA201 thru 300White
2006AU 2006 LAVACA1 thru 200Red
2005AU 2005 NSL0650 thru 0699Blue
2004AU 2004 NSL1450 thru 1499Yellow
2003AU 2003 NSL0950 thru 0999Green
2002AU 2002 NSL1800 thru 1849White
2001AU 2001 NSL0850 thru 0899Red
2000AU 2000 NSL0950 thru 0999Blue
1999AU 99 NSL0001 thru 0099Yellow
1998AU 98 NSL0150 thru 0199Green
1997AU 97 NSL1150 thru 1199White

Here is the American Racing Pigeon Union Band List Page. It lists AU band contacts by club and the main contact for other national pigeon organizations.

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